Oct 25

A good starting point if you are a first time visitor to this website.

Jun 24
Dec 10

Great (and entertaining) talk given by Dr. Michael Gregor   To skip introductions, go to 16:55

Jul 15

The Tomato Effect is a great video that explains in simple terms why more people don’t move toward a plant based diet..

Mar 30

These are words I used to say when I was vegetarian. Cheese was like the joy in a vegetarian diet, added flavoring, made it easy to find food in almost any restaurant, and I was an addict.

Jan 06

Don’t miss out on Brendan Brazier’s free course to optimal health: thriveforward.com

Dec 26

This Dish is Vegetarian posted this great list: 10 Most Influential People in Veganism

Dec 15

Assignment from my course in plant-based nutrition about the hazards of dairy consumption.

Dec 07

I created this recipe for enjoying mashed potatos without milk and butter.

Dec 02

Been doing some studying, and here is a link to an enlightening article about Medical Schools.

Nov 01

I don’ t feel that multi-vitamins are bad for you, but I don’t think they are necessary.

Oct 27

Achieving our ideal weight is expected whe you are eating the foods that our bodies were designed to eat

Oct 27

Which would you choose?