How Long Are You Going To Be On This Diet

This morning I was asked a question like this. I answered by explaining first that this is not a diet. Diets have been shared for generations now and new ones are being released almost every day, some see results with these diets, some don’t, but I think that most experience the thought that this is a temporary way of eating, and can’t wait to finish regardless of the results.

I am going to make a point of avoiding the word ‘diet’ from now on.’ What I am discussing on this blog and experiencing first hand is plant-based nutrition. Now that I am approaching one year of leaving behind dairy and foods with a lot of oil, and having left behind meat many years ago, I can’t even imagine returning to my previous ways of eating. Why would I want to give up the new-found energy and vitality I feel, the better sleep patterns, not carrying around an extra 30-40 pounds, improved vision, no soreness in my joints to name a few results, so that I could spend my money on foods that don’t offer me the best most life giving nutrients again.

If you’re thinking “yeah, but I enjoy eating some of those foods,” trust me, your taste buds change and so do your ideas about what “looks good” to you.

All that said, if it helps you to consider it a “diet” so that you don’t have to look at it as a permanent change, do so for 2 months, and then let me know if it was a diet, or if you are now ready to continue offering your body what it best needs to take care of itself so that it can offer us all of its energy and health to continue to love and serve God, others, and the world around us.

Thanks for finishing this, I’ll now step down from my soapbox ūüėČ

Everything Gets Better

You have heard from me about my increased energy, better sleep, and overall feeling of health. Today I discovered another benefit of improving your diet.

Since I was 12 I have worn glasses. Every few years I find that I have become slightly more near-sighted and need a slightly stronger prescription. This has gone on with a certain consistency that I have never questioned. I have heard one can improve their vision,  have heard that diet and even eye exercises etc to improve ones vision but have never given it the time or effort to see any results. As the decline in my vision has been so slight, I have never really worried myself too much about it.

Today I went to the eye doctor as I have noticed that the glasses I purchased 3 years ago seem slightly off and I knew it was time to find out my new prescription. I was surprised with the news “your current glasses are¬†over-correcting.”

Yes, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but now that I am consuming a diet composed of mostly fruits and vegetables why wouldn’t my vision improve? A little Google-ing shows that there are studies to show vision improves with vitamins (usually ending in recommendations to take¬†supplements). I like how one website I found was titled “Improve vision naturally” but ended with a list of supplements. Well here is a testimony that one can improve vision “naturally” with fruits and vegetables! [Note, I do take a vitamin D supplement in the winter months as I do not get enough sun, but I fully believe a very good diet¬†supersedes¬†the need for¬†supplementation]

Once again I am just astonished that our standard American diet has led us into a path of poorer vision, like poorer health, increased rates of again, and so many other undesirable side effects yet we have done little to question these habits. I am reminded again how grateful I am to have  been directed into a new way of eating, and improved health!

Shaking the Salt

The thing that I have had the most difficulty with in changing my diet is cutting out salt. Naturally going to a plant based diet you consume less salt, but I still find myself craving salty foods, and when I see something salty, I can’t seem to keep my hands away from it.

Sodium is what gives something the salty flavor and and we “supposedly” need 1500mg / day, however even this like other nutritional standards can be argued because they are based on traditional diets rather than science (I’ll write more about that another day). The typical American diet however contains 3-4 times that amount, and most of it is contained in processed foods (we really need to read the labels).

Like any other taste change, it is good to push to the extreme, then gradually reintroduce something. When doing it this way our tastes change and when something is reintroduced it seems greatly exaggerated. Most people have experienced this with skim to whole milk or vise versa, after changing when you taste the prior it overwhelms our taste buds.

So, beginning this Monday, I am pledging to go 3 weeks avoiding all added salt, and as much salty foods as I possibly can. This is what I feel will be the best way to kick this stubborn habit. I encourage you to join me so we can share the results. We have the rest of our lives to enjoy the fruit of this challenge, so what is 3 weeks when you look at it that way. It is clear that high sodium diets lead to high blood pressure, high blood pressure leads to much more serious problems. Join me in this healthy choice to live a longer healthier life.