Oct 27

When you are finished with this very inspiring story, be sure to check out her website: www.purejeevan.com

Oct 25

Diet vs plant-based nutrition

Oct 25

A good starting point if you are a first time visitor to this website.

Oct 18

Dining out can be intimidating, but after a few experiences of enjoying some well prepared plant-based meals at your favorite restaurants it becomes easy and fun to dine out.

Oct 18

Podcast with Dr. Joel Fuhrman interviewed by Caryn Hartglass

Oct 07

Patricia Crawford is the speaker in this UC-Berkeley course: Edible Education: Nutrition, Health, and Diet Related Disease

Oct 04

Let us use Denmark’s example to strive toward healthier decisions in the grocery store.

Oct 01

Vision, along with everything else gets better on a plant-based diet.

Sep 27

This is an essay I wrote for my course in plant-based nutrition, followed by a talk given by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

Sep 24

Join me as I try to kick the salt habit.

Sep 19

Combining foods and eating them in the right order can maximize your bodies ability to digest food and while reducing side effects of poor food combinations.

Sep 15

If anyone missed the CNN report by Sanjay Gupta, here is a link to the whole thing. You can also see the film Forks Over Knives on Netflix.